SRS® Technology

The SRS® (Soft Rolling Skin)® technology for breeding Merino sheep was developed by the late Dr Jim Watts and applied to flocks in Australia since 1998. Both these terms are trademarked to protect the brand identity.

The system is based on producing wools of exceptional quality by selecting Merino sheep for low primary fibre diameter, high fibre density, and high fibre length.

Genetic selection for these fibre traits, both visually and objectively, is done in the expectation that fleece weight will increase, fibre diameter will decrease, and fibre quality will improve.

The animals thus bred are environmentally fit, easy to shear, and easy to manage.  They have been bred to be free of skin wrinkle (plain bodied) and naturally resistant to fly strike, and consequently are not mulesed.

Unmulesed wools of exceptional quality, comfort, and appeal are destined to command high prices in today's world.