SRS Genetics rams. Benefits of Stud Membership

Benefits of SRS® Genetics Stud Membership

Why sign up today? 

Stud Membership to SRS® Genetics will add valuable insights to support your operation while supporting your marketing advantage. 

The Benefits of SRS® Genetics Stud Membership includes: 

  • SRS® Stud ram purchase rebate up to the value of $600
  • Exclusive access to SRS® Certification and use of SRS® Unique sheep identification tags
  • Exclusive access to SRS® Wool marketing opportunities
  • Specialist Flock Classing and Certification by SRS® Genetics specialists
  • Access to SRS® Genetics Group Chat for real time Q & A
  • Access to specialised online forums focusing on key and current themes
  • Exclusive use of the SRS® Genetics trademark to support advertising and promotion
  • Exclusive market access with presentation of wool clip to international buyers
  • Participation in SRS® Genetics Research and Development
  • Access to SRS® Genetics research and development findings
  • Access to SRS® Genetics advertising opportunities including published features, SRS® Genetics website and social media platforms
  • Access to SRS® Responsible Wool Standard Group Membership and participation
  • Access to Classimate visual assessment tool designed specifically for SRS® Merino by SRS® Genetics in conjunction with SRS® Genetics
  • Exclusive access to discounted* Lambs Alive membership with Jason Trompf
  • Inclusion on the SRS® website Stud listings
  • Advertising of ram sale through SRS® Genetics social media platforms
  • Preferred pricing for the purchase of Metacam through For Flocks Sake

*Discounted membership to Lambs Alive applies to the first year of membership only and is not available to existing members of Lambs Alive.