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Photo provided by Errol and Candy Brumpton of Well Gully Merinos


The SRS® (Soft Rolling Skin)® technology for breeding Merino sheep was developed by the late Dr Jim Watts and applied to flocks in Australia since 1998.  Both these terms are trademarked to protect the brand identity.

The system is based on producing wools of exceptional quality by selecting Merino sheep for low primary fibre diameter, high fibre density, and high fibre length.
Genetic selection for these fibre traits, both visually and objectively, is done in the expectation that fleece weight will increase, fibre diameter will decrease, and fibre quality will improve.

The animals thus bred are environmentally fit, easy to shear, and easy to manage.  They have been bred to be free of skin wrinkle (plain bodied) and naturally resistant to fly strike, and consequently are not mulesed.
Unmulesed wools of exceptional quality, comfort, and appeal are destined to command high prices in today's world.


  • Luxury, unique handling fleece.
  • No mulesing,
  • Maximum lamb survival.
  • Easy shearing.
  • Unparalleled processing.
  • Consumer driven marketing.

"The fibre properties of SRS wool are very different to traditionally bred Merino wool.

The fibres are finer, more uniform in diameter along and between fibres, longer, highly aligned, smoother surfaced, cylindrically shaped and more elastic"

Dr Jim Watts


The benefits of SRS Genetics Commercial membership.

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Commercial Membership to SRS Genetics will add valuable insights to support your operation while supporting your marketing advantage.

  • Exclusive access to SRS Certification and application of unique SRS sheep identification tags
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SRS Genetics recognises the importance of the legacy of Dr Jim Watts. A trail blazer, ahead of his time; a true innovator and influencer with unrivalled passion and commitment, Jim was responsible for developing the soft rolling skin method of breeding sheep by visual and objective selection to optimise fleece quality and quantity. These methods are also recognised for producing sheep that do not require mulesing, while increasing lamb production, survival, and natural resistance to fly strike.

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