Order SRS Genetics ear tags

Order SRS Ear Tags

SRS Unique Identifier Ear Tags were developed to be applied to SRS® bred genetics preventing imitation. To purchase and apply SRS® tags you must be an SRS® member breeding to the SRS® principles. SRS® Unique Identifier Ear Tags instantly identify your animals in the market place as mules free, sustainably bred genetics, meeting all requirements of the SRS® breeding principles and standards.

    Property Identification Code

    Shearwell tags are sold in strips of 10 so there is a minimum quantity of 10 per colour

    If your sheep are Ovine Johnes Disease (OJD) vaccinated or terminal please enter a ‘V’ or ‘T’
    in the OJD box to be printed on tags. If you leave this blank no OJD status will be printed.


    NLIS TAG Layouts

    1. Hexadecimal Number on male side

    2. Hexadecimal Number on male side

    Order Details

    Free applicator

    For First time SRS customers ordering 200 tags or more.

    Additional Applicators

    ($22.00 each inc. GST)

    IMPORTANT - You should not attempt to use any other applicator as this could damage the tag and/or injure the animal

    Tag Bucket Files

    Tag bucket files list the EID identifiers for each printed tag.

    If you tick this box, the tag bucket files will be emailed to the email address provided below.

    Customer Details

    Note to Editor: This form has been created to simplify the ordering process of SRS® Unique Identifier Ear Tags. Please ensure you complete all fields within the form to expediate your order. When the form is submitted, it is sent to SRS® Genetics Administration where your Unique Identifier is allocated and forwarded to the tag company for processing, production, and delivery.

    For any updates on orders please contact SRS® Genetics directly.